Minutes of the COPE Executive Meeting

July 23, 2017

Meeting started at 11:20 AM

In attendance: Connie Hubbs, Anita Romaniuk, John Yano, Jennifer O’Keeffe, Kathryn Cholette, Wilson Munoz, Yahara Munoz, Meena Wong, Penny Parry (phone), Tim Louis (phone), Timothy Kevin O’Keeffe (phone)

1. Adoption of Minutes from COPE Executive Meeting June 25, 2017: – Amendment to correct Membership Report. Second and third sentences should read: “400 members are lapsed and close to 20% are invalid.” Moved: Jennifer, Seconded: Kathryn, Carried. – Motion as amended: Moved: Penny, Seconded: Anita, Carried

2. Adoption of Minutes from Cope Special Executive meeting July 12, 2017: –

Amendment 1: To add the words “for COPE” after the phrase “for Council and School Board candidates”. Moved: Anita, Seconded: Timothy Kevin, Carried –

Amendment 2: “That the minutes of the July 12 2017 meeting reflect that the majority of those attending recommended that the Executive not endorse Jean Swanson as a candidate in the upcoming by-election, and to leave it for the membership to decide on nominating or endorsing candidates for Council and School Board.” 3. Finance Committee Report (Penny): a. Recommendation to appoint Anita Romaniuk and John Yano as Authorized Principal Official and Principal Official. Moved: Penny, Seconded: Tim Louis, Carried b. The Finance Committee recommends that the Executive establish a by-election Budget Committee, which should meet within one week of June 23, 2017 to draft a campaign budget, and that the COPE Executive will hold an Emergency Meeting within two weeks of June 23, 2017 to approve the campaign budget for the by-election. Moved: Penny, Seconded: Tim L; Carried Volunteers for Budget Committee: John Yano, Anita Romaniuk, Jennifer O’Keeffe, Meena Wong, Wilson Munoz, Yahara Munoz. (Gayle Gavin?) c. The CCEC (credit union) requires separate campaign accounts for Councillor and School Board candidates in the by-election. It is recommended that the two accounts be created at the same time, which means waiting for the decision on having a by-election to elect School Trustees. d. Appointment of Financial Agent: John Yano has expressed interest. Current COPE Financial Agent Connie Hubbs has offered to continue in this role for the by-election. Moved by Penny to accept Connie’s offer to continue, Seconded: Tim L. Carried Moved to accept the Finance Committee Report: Penny, Seconded: Jennifer. Carried. 4. Moved by Jennifer, Seconded by Wilson: To add an item to the Agenda to discuss the ramifications of the current Financial Agent staying on, given that the motive was to not have a Campaign Office: Deferred 5. Moved by Jennifer: To either retain the current COPE office or to locate a storefront campaign office as early as possible. No Seconder. The question of a campaign office will be discussed by the by-election Budget Committee. 6. Fundraising Committee Report (Wilson) a. Wilson reported that a non-refundable deposit of $300 has been made to the Russian Hall, originally for a fundraising event on July 22, then shifted to Friday August 25 when the by-election was announced. Total rent is $400. Several people on the Executive expressed concern that having a fundraiser 4 days before the Nominating Meeting would detract from the ability of the Nominating Meeting to raise funds from donations, recruit volunteers, and attract media attention. – Moved: Meena, Seconded: Anita, to move the event to another date in September. Discussion: This will not be a Saturday because all Saturdays are booked at the Russian Hall until December. Some Executive members expressed a preference for a Thursday evening. Carried. The meeting having run overtime, it was adjourned at 1:50 PM.