Jim Green Room

Four Sisters Housing Coop
Attending: Connie Hubbs (Co-Chair, Chairing Meeting), Alan Cooper, Anita Romaniuk (minute-taker)
Yahara Munoz, Jennifer O-Keeffe, Wilson Munoz, John Yano, Steven Lytton, Lawrence Boxall (by
Regrets: Nate Crompton, Tim Louis, Penny Parry, Sara Sagali, Fiona York, Imtiaz Popat
Absent: Kombii Nanjalah
4. TO DO’s
a. Support for letter from Kits/WPG wrt Translink & COPE’s Policy – John to find letter
from Kits/WPG concerning this; Gayle will join Lawrence, John, and Jennifer ina.
working on this – rolled over to next meeting.
b. Still waiting for reply from Joey Hartman of VDLC – rolled over.
c. Communications Committee has met (as per amended wording).
d. Roll over To Do for Lawrence to contact BCTF (now in Sept).
e. Lawrence will join Communications Committee to work on video & filming – Rolled
5. Committee Reports
a. Communications Committee
a.i. Had two meetings, August 11 & August 23.
a.ii. Approved TOR.
a.iii. Twitter following increased significantly, Facebook also to some extent.
a.iv. Housing Committee – Communications Committee to do guidelines;
Passed guidelines – to be separate meeting with Housing Committee on
implementation of guidelines – some concerns from Housing Committee on
guidelines which can be discussed when they meet with the
Communications Committee.
a.v. Guidelines include Vetting through process for anyone using social media in
COPE’s name. Do not want anything posted detrimental to COPE.
a.vi. Jennifer appointed chair, temporarily at meeting on Aug 11 & permanently at
second meeting on Aug 23.
a.vii. Materials for Labour Day Picnic – Brochures on Living Wage, Housing,
Education, Parks. More work to be done on this.
a.viii. Design & Purchasing of new T-Shirts. Costing to see if we can make a profit
selling the T-shirts. To buy from an ethical provider, need colours other than
COPE yellow which is more expensive than more standard colours.

a.ix. Request COPE Executive take action on provincial government’s housing tax –
perverted version of what COPE proposed in 2014 election, issues with
violating NAFTA.

a.x. Moved Acceptance & Receipt of Report: Jennifer , Seconded: Alan
Alan requested that committee report be amended to state that when Alan
checked Roberts Rules Order to see if there was a process for a Committee
to appoint Chair when no Chair exists, and there isn’t one. The
Communications Committee minutes from Aug 23 would also need to be
Moved Gayle, Seconded Wilson – That the section of the Chair’s report
setting out the TOR are in error and will now include in the section
Committee Composition a) “One Chair to be appointed by the members of
the Communications Committee” Jennifer accepts as friendly amendment.
Alan Moved that the Communication Committee’s report will include the
amended TOR & Guidelines. Jennifer accepts as friendly amendment.
Motions arising from Communications Committee Report:
1. That the Executive accept the Communications Committee TOR. Moved:
Jennifer Seconded by Alan. Carried.
2. That the Executive accept the Communications Committee guidelines.
Moved: Jennifer , Seconded Wilson. Carried.
3. That the Executive accept the Housing Committee Guidelines; Moved
Jennifer, Seconded Wilson. Proposed Amendment to pass motion to
approve Housing Committee Guidelines subject to clarification after a
meeting between the Communications Committee and representatives of
the Housing Committee. Motion Carries – Alan, Anita, John opposed.
4. Motion to Approve Brochures for Labour Day Event – Moved Jennifer
Seconded Alan, Carried.
5. Motion that COPE have T-Shirts printed by union shop for sale at Labour
Day Event, that these be funded by donations, and that sales money from
these T-Shirts go back into the T-Shirt Fund to print more in the future.
Moved Jennifer, Seconded John. Carried.
b) Finance Committee Report
Given by Alan in the absence of the Treasurer, Penny Parry, who is on holiday.
Alan distributed a spreadsheet with the latest figures, but this was not discussed at
the meeting. To be taken up at the Finance Committee & Executive Meetings in Sept.
The Salsa Event did not earn much from tickets, but there were substantial donations
which brought the earnings up to about $1000.
c) Membership Secretary Report
New memberships – one from Salsa Event, and several new memberships brought in
by Gayle – motion to approve new memberships. Moved Alan, Seconded ????.
There were also Renewals of Memberships at Salsa Event & otherwise.
d) Disability – Steven – no report today
e) Racialized – Imtiaz sent regrets.
f) LGBT – John Yano – AIDS walk – festival after Walk – free if raise $150 per person or
more in donations, $30 elsewhere.
g) Trans – position vacant
h) PCC Report – Gayle Gavin – making progress on guidelines for donations. Also
ddressing monitoring of policy.
Concerns re: Did communications to membership wrt AGM include all positions open
or were some missing (e.g. Corresponding Secretary)? Gayle asked for clarification of
co-chair position to be filled (male co-chair as Tim Louis’ term is up).
(i) Still finalizing venue. Speaker Spencer Mackay from Fair Vote BC. Date
Sept 29 at 5:30 PM.
(ii) Also require another Issues Meeting by the end of the year.
(iii) Timing of Executive Retreat & the Issues General Meeting which is due
later this year was discussed. GMOC to continue working on this.
Motion that all Minutes of COPE General Meetings & AGMs be forwarded to the PCC. Moved
Jennifer, Seconded Connie. Carried.
Other Business: Rally organized by COPE at City Hall Sept 16 on Housing (Wilson, Jennifer). Different
Voices, COPE will not Speak.
New Business:
a.x.1. Wilson moved, Yahara seconded – Motion on Violence
and Vancouver Police Dept. (Aug 9). Motion Carried. Motion
a.x.2. Wilson moved, John seconded – Motion on Jodie Wilson
Raybould’s About Face on Site C. Friendly amendment accepted from
Jennifer to add violations of United Nations Declaration on the Rights
of Indigenous People and Section 35(1) of the Constitution Act. Motion
Carried Motion Attached
Next Meeting – a Friday meeting in September, to be determined following a Doodle Poll.