Conference: Aboriginal Justice Forum – June 3 & 4th

Aboriginal Justice Forum 2008
June 3rd & 4th, 2008
UBC Robson Square, Vancouver, BC <>

A major step in building sustainable communities is ensuring a fair and efficient justice system. This forum will address all aspects of the current justice system – prevention, policing, the court system and corrections – as they impact Aboriginal peoples, with an overarching theme of addressing community needs.

This forum is an important educational event that will provide an opportunity to highlight pressing issues in Aboriginal Justice and is intended to empower Aboriginal communities. Ultimately, the forum will provide the delegates with an opportunity to exchange ideas in an effort to reach the overall goal of developing a consensus on workable solutions.

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Issues to be Addressed Include:

– The root causes of crime
– The mental health issues involved
– Culturally sensitive crime prevention methods
– Aboriginal policing and enforcement
– Community mobilization strategies
– Building sustainable community partnerships
– The role of the community in corrections
– Community based, transformative and restorative justice programs

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Aboriginal Justice Forum