I was leafleting in the Denman Mall Friday morning when an older woman sitting on a bench took my COPE flyer. She was dressed in a red raincoat and holding onto a red mobile cart which contained her oxygen. She told me the story of her mother and elections.

Her mother Alexandria would put on her best dress, gloves and hat and go down for breakfast. She would take out her best tea cup and saucer and say to her husband "Harold, today is a very important day. Today we will vote. Anyone who goes out of this house and doesn’t vote shouldn’t bother to come back".

Every year she would put on the same dress and do and say the same thing. Then one year, when she turned 109, she asked her son to bring her a bag. She put her dress in the bag and asked him to burn it. She said she would never vote again. She died at 112, just a few years ago.

Madeleine, the woman in red who told me this story, said she had never voted in a municipal election before but that she would this time. She said that I had the same values as she did because I stopped and talked to her about the city election! We had a good talk.
A precious moment in a day of campaigning, the most precious….

A Precious Moment on the Campaign Trail

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