Saturday was the kind of day that reminds me why I love living and working on the Drive.  It was a regular work day for me, but also mainstreeting and the Parade of Lost Souls. 

Vision Candidates Andrea Reimer and Constance Barnes, joined Libby Davies, and COPE candidates Bill Bargeman, Alvin Singh, Anita Romaniuk, David Cadman, Allan Wong and myself at 1st and Commercial.  We exchanged campaign materials with the Vision folk.  Person after person expressed how pleased they were that the Greens, COPE and Vision had gotten together. One young man said it is a great example of how politics should be done.  Also had some important discussions with parents around school issues like: seismic upgrading, childcare, homophopbia, and aboriginal education.  An afternoon like that reminds me why I do this.  How important it is to have trustees who get out and listen to the community (not just at election time) and will stand up and speak out on those issues.

I went back to work for a few hours, as the street metamorphised into the Parade of Lost Souls.  The street was closed off, and people of all ages walked by – some in street clothes, some in costumes, and most absurdly those with regular street clothes and outrageous masks.

Then – out I went joining in with the tens of thousands.  Walking by and with the community’s art: The theme of honouring the dead seriously with beautiful shrines to family members and friends;The theme of political expression – with artwork, and puppets and costumes; And of course the themes of fun and public participation – Music, dance, performance art, and more. 

What a great night, and what a beautiful community celebration.

A Day on the Drive

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