Our Nominating Conference will take place on the weekend of September 7th, 2014. At the Nominating Conference, our membership will decide how many candidates COPE will run in the 2014 municipal elections. The Nominating Conference will also include the nomination of COPE candidates for Council, School Board, and Park Board.

We are very excited that for the first time since 2002, there will also be the opportunity for our membership to nominate a COPE Mayoral candidate.

COPE is committed to an open and transparent process where nominees have the opportunity to put their names and ideas forward so that our membership can make an informed decision. There will be an opportunity for anyone who wants to run for any nomination to submit a candidate profile for display on the COPE website during a set campaign period in advance of COPE’s Nominating Conference. Nomination candidates will also have the opportunity to put their ideas forward at community forums and debates.

Note: Although candidates will have the opportunity to put their name and ideas forward in advance, the COPE bylaws do allow nominations from the floor at the Nominating Conference. Submission of a profile in advance is an option, not a requirement.

2014 Nominating Conference

 Registration is closed for this event

Date: Sunday, September 7th, 2014
Time: 11:00am

Registration: 10:00am
Location: Japanese Hall, 487 Alexander Street @ Jackson Avenue.


The Vancouver municipal election is less than three months away!

At this meeting, we will be nominating our candidates for City Council, Mayor, Parks Board and the School Board. 

Ready to run? You must be a member in good standing, and have submitted your paperwork by August 23rd. See more information here.http://cope.bc.ca/nominations/

To vote at the meeting, new members must have joined COPE no less than 30 days before the meeting date, or by August 7th, 2014.

Can’t make the meeting? There are still plenty of ways to contribute. COPE is powered by volunteers. Interested in election day volunteering, helping out at the office or canvassing? The election is coming up, let us know how you can help: volunteer with COPE!


Holding big meetings is expensive and we still don’t take money from developers - consider becoming an Active Campaigner. Monthly donations allow COPE the independence to make policy that benefits all Vancouverites — not just real estate moguls. As little as $10 per month can make a real difference and allow COPE to plan effectively for the upcoming election.



The relevant parts of the Constitution regarding the Nomination Conference are available here:


1.  In good time before each civic election, a general meeting to be known as a “Nominating Conference” shall be held, for the nomination of candidates to run for civic office with the Society’s endorsement.

2.  To be eligible for nomination, a candidate must:

(a) be a member in good standing,

(b) be legally entitled to run for civic office,

(c) be a resident of the City of Vancouver, and

(d) pledge his or her support for the policies and purposes of the Society.

3.  At each Nominating Conference, the Executive shall recommend how many candidates the Society will nominate and endorse to run for each of Council, Park Board and School Board.  The Voting Membership shall, by simple majority vote:

a) approve one or more of the Executive’s recommendations; or

b) to the extent that a recommendation of the Executive is not approved, approve a motion from the floor, made and seconded by Voting Members (or Voting Delegates from affiliated organizations, as the case may be) who are in good standing.

4. Nomination shall take place by way of ballots (the “Nomination Ballots”) bearing the names of all candidates put forward and approved to stand for nomination to run for Council, Park Board and School Board, respectively.

5.  A candidate’s name may be included on a Nomination Ballot if:

a) such candidate’s name has been put forward:

i) by the Executive; or

ii) by a motion from the floor made and seconded by Voting Members (or Voting Delegates, as the case may be) who are in good standing.

6. All Voting Members and Voting Delegates from affiliated organizations, who are in each case in good standing and present at the Nominating Conference, are entitled to vote to nominate candidates by marking a Nomination Ballot in respect of each of Council, Park Board and School Board.

7. A marked Nomination Ballot shall be deemed spoiled if fewer than or more than the maximum number of candidates for nomination, determined in accordance with Part 7 Bylaw 3, are marked.

8. The Nominating Conference and the Policy Conference may be combined in one general meeting.


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Japanese Hall
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2014 Nominating Conference