2 degrees of Fear and Desire

An intimate evening of theatre (without a play) about global warming

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Events at 7pm

Admission by donation

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2 degrees of Fear and Desire is theatre without a play ˆ just us and our fears, desires, and challenges facing global warming. Facilitated, or joked, by Headlines Theatre‚s David Diamond, the audience is invited to use theatre techniques to delve deep into their community‚s and their own experiences, to turn the spotlight away from the spectacle of environmental devastation and shine it in the mirror.

If you are unable to see the graphic below, please click on the link: <http://cmpgnr.com/r.html?c=1175567&r=1174515&t=1303504815&l=1&d=89344008&u=http%3a%2f%2fheadlinestheatre%2ecom%2f2Degrees08%2findex%2ehtm&g=0&f=-1>http://headlinestheatre.com/2Degrees08/index.htm
„Thank you so much for this evening on climate change. I left with a feeling of hope that I haven’t had for some time now. It is precisely this kind of courageous self-exploration and community-building that needs to happen in order to effect real change on this most complex and global of issues.‰

– Marian Rose, audience member, 2 degrees of Fear and Desire event in November 2007

„Experiencing 2º of Fear and Desire was so refreshing because it went straight to the source, the human psyche, and examined it with honesty, respect, and witty humour∑ The show helped each of us understand our mental processes a bit better, and develop a sort of solidarity with each other in recognizing and processing through our common struggles. Thank you so much for the wonderfully deep work you have done.‰

ˆ Elisa Lee, audience member, 2 degrees of Fear and Desire event in November 2007

Thu, Mar 06 – Best Western Hotel Richmond, Grand Minoru Ballroom, 7551 Westminster Hwy, Rmd

Fri, Mar 07 – Composite Hall, 4306 Victoria Dr, Van (Food and drink available)

Sat, Mar 08 – Vancouver Public Library, Alice MacKay Room, 350 W. Georgia, Van

Sun, Mar16 – Café Deux Soleils, 2096 Commercial Drive, Van – Jokers‚ International Day of Action on Global Warming!

In collaboration with: Columbia Institute, David Suzuki Foundation, Ecojustice, Fraser Basin Council, Pembina Institute, Sierra Club of BC, Society Promoting Environmental Conservation, Wilderness Committee

Thanks for ongoing operational support: The Canada Council; BC Gaming Commission; City of Vancouver; BC Arts Council; The Melusine Foundation

Thanks to our 2 degrees of Fear and Desire project funders: McLean Foundation; Columbia Institute; Catherine Donnelly Foundation; Endswell Fund of Tides Canada Foundation; and media sponsors: CBC Radio One, Westender


2 degrees of Fear and Desire: theatre event