COPE Campaign Committee Minutes July 17​th​ 2018

#1217 – 1255 Main Street Common Room

Present:​ Sam, Riaz, Tristan, Ishmam,  John I., Meena, Esther, Carol, John Y., Darlene, Maddy, Wendy, Rider (Co-Chair), Barb (Co-Chair), Sara, John A. (minutes), Derrick, Beverley, Ngaire, Bill, Gwen

1. Call to Order: 7:10PM

2. Territory Acknowledgement: Rider

3. Adoption of the Campaign Committee Meeting Agenda: MSC –

Adoption of the July 10 2018 Campaign Committee Meeting Minutes (Url below): MSC HLgc1ovPfwIMrBuLtI –

Jonathan Rosenblum-COPE Workshop Notes – July 7 & 8 2018 QNHmLyAVOQvTY2plTQ 4. Finance Report (Carol): 5k up; 4.5k

4. Finance Report (Carol): 5k up; 4.5k new expenses (business cards, banners, buttons, fliers). MSC E-Interac in process. Team Jean account merging with COPE’s account. John Y., able to transfer bi-election surplus can be moved to school acct.


Carol (July 23, 2018) financial report. We have a bank balance of slightly more than $25 000, as of this morning, which is an increase of $5000 over last week. However, we have major outstanding commitments. I’ve met with Tristan who has lowered his minimum requirements for the next week 1 or two, and deferred others until we are in a better position once the fundraising efforts become more productive.

I move the adoption of this report, including authorizing $5000 for current and immediate campaign requirements. 5. Fundraising Report (Wendy/Riaz): Derrick’s launch 2k (great launch, new donors);

Connie’s home open to Candidates’ phone banking following up our larger donors.

July 18 6-8PM, this Wed, phone training Connie’s 911 W. 21st. Digital fundraising – digital asks. More ideas to come . . . Credit card – Square Point of Sale – cell phone donations did well. We need to integrate all things we do into fundraising. Team building important.

6. Fundraising Committee (TBA): 7. Events (Riaz): – Fiona – Rankin File Sept 22 Sat afternoon matinee – COPE Garden Party – – Pride Parade – Maddy working on prep – needing 75 to 100 people (Facebook event) for theme / float – Harambecouver – Sara late august multi-cultural parade – Kombi asked us to participate as it is very good outreach – Dolores Huerta – Ishmam Wendy and others to do tenant union house visit base-building training. Sat. August 4th breakfast with Dolores, 10am – 11:30am, Four Sisters Co-Op, cost $100. Contact Wendy for more information. – Other ideas –

House of Dosa’s end of Aug; Andrea another dinner in Sept.

Barb, fundraiser at nooner at the Nat Bailey Stadium (August 26?);

Jean’s birthday; launch of canvassing in Fairview

(Sara); launch of canvassing Labour Day weekend – negotiating with Sharma to visit Vancouver;

Trans March Fri (Clarke Park to McSpadden), Dyke March, Sat (noon, Victoria Park), Pride Parade, Sun (Sunset Beach)

8. Outreach (Sara):

9. Communications (Tristan): MSC – Web integration, social media, literature harmonization Barb Motion Wendy Second: That fundraising, communications, & outreach reports be sent to campaign committee members at least one day, if possible, prior to the meeting of the committee, and that time be provided on the agenda for questions of these reports. 10.

Moved by Ngaire, Seconder John Ames:

Whereas COPE urgently needs a strategic and professional brand refresh and the creation of a Brand Identity Guidelines document to ensure consistency, engender brand confidence, allow for clear and concise messaging, harmonize its various digital and physical graphic assets, And whereas an investment in a comprehensive strategic brand refresh and standardization will increase COPE’s ability to fundraise for the next three months of the campaign, but also for the years beyond, Therefore be it resolved that the Campaign Committee allocate initial financial resources up to $7k for a strategic brand refresh and Identity Document with the design firm Signals Design Group of Vancouver. Carried – John I., amendment, John Y. second: “up to $7K” Carried

Derrick amendment to the above amendment, Riaz second: include the word “initial.” Carried

11. Candidate reports: 12. Further assistance from Jonathan Rosenblum – (Connie) Wendy Motion, Second Carol: In order to provide support and guidance for the staff and co-chairs from now until August 17, the following arrangement is proposed: Weekly Zoom meetings (1 hour – 1.5 hours each week) with staff and co-chairs Discuss current challenges and successes and how these can be addressed. Other phone and email (reasonable amount of time) Cost $1,000 USD – Carried Post-Aug 17 In person as needed $500/day includding travel

Human Resources Report (Connie): ● Three campaign staff now hired for one month each ● Communications Coordinator- Tristan Markle ● Outreach Coordinator – Sara Sagaii ● Fundraising Coordinator – Riaz Behra ● Jonathan motion should also be part of HR report. ● Motion to post position of Campaign Manager Post widely ● Election Day Coordinator to start after Labour Day John – The following should be added to the HR part of tomorrow’s agenda. It is an alternate proposal that involves in person and is of course more expensive. —– Forwarded Message —– From: Jonathan Rosenblum <> To: Connie Hubbs <> 4 Sent: Mon, 16 Jul 2018 08:08:18 -0600 (MDT)

Subject: Re: Can’t find first proposal

Here you go. And if the committee comes up with an intermediate proposal that’s fine too. Here it is: Retain me as an organizing consultant July 17- Aug. 17. 2 or 3 onsite visits during that period to meet with staff, campaign committee leadership, volunteers, and anyone else you want me to meet with 1 – 3 scheduled phone/video meetings per week with staff and/or campaign committee leadership More frequent emails, and short phone calls as much as needed with staff and campaign committee leadership (If the volume gets ridiculous I’ll let you know, but I don’t think we should start out by setting an artificial limit, as folks should feel free to reach out as needed, especially in the beginning) You’d pay for my travel (unless I’m already being brought up by BCGEU, but you shouldn’t count on that happening in this period), find a place for me to stay, and pay a total retainer of $3,800 USD / $5,000 CAN. In August when the campaign manager situation is clearer and we have a better sense of September/October needs, we can discuss whether we should have a similar arrangement, and if so, then sketch out terms.

13. Full time/temporary campaign manager/job description 14. Derrick, Motion, Wendy seconds: That the Campaign Committee immediately open a hiring process for a full-time Campaign Manager — to begin full time on August 20 and to begin on a volunteer basis, if possible, as soon as possible. Carried 15. Carol moves, Rider(?) seconds: The campaign committee immediately open a hiring process an Election Day Coordinator – start date to be determined later. Carried 16. Code of Conduct Wendy Moves, Carol seconds:

COPE commits to address violence of any sort, including but not limited to harassment, abuse, discrimination and bullying. COPE strives to actively create a space where people are safe/(-r), and can speak up when they do not feel safe, without the fear or threat of backlash, silencing, dismissal or persecution. All candidates, employees, executive members, volunteers and members with COPE are expected to understand and abide by this Interim Code of Conduct. We believe it takes courage to report cases of harassment and that survivors are often in a less privileged position than the perpetrator(s) of violence, and face more barriers to speaking out, including social stigma and maintaining their safety. We strive to create a space where experiences of abuse or harassment can be confidently (and confidentially, if desired) received and responsively engaged with and addressed. We are currently building a diverse, representative and experienced “Ombudsperson Team” to handle complaints. If your complaint involves our Ombudsperson, please contact the one of the current Ombudsperson Leslie Kemp if you believe you have experienced unacceptable behavior. If your complaint involves our Ombudsperson, please contact the one of the Co-Chairs of COPE: Connie Hubbs or Rider Cooey Carried, 1 against

Next Meeting: July 24 2018, location TBA

Meeting Adjourned: 10PM

Deferred business: 17. Renting an office (Connie): Whereas there is a pressing and urgent need for the COPE Campaign to hold phone banks both to raise funds and to get marks for the election and whereas the COPE Campaign needs a reliable and accessible meeting place and whereas there needs to be a central location for outreach materials, therefore let it be resolved that COPE rent an office immediately on a month by month basis for a monthly rental not to exceed the approved budget for a campaign office of $4,000. (John): That COPE seek innovative ways to avoid paying too much and/or seek paying nothing at all for a place to conduct member-to-member and / or member-to-public engagement – i.e., mobile cell phoning, visiting, acquiring resources, educating, organizing – including the use of co-op housing common spaces throughout the City of Vancouver, bookstores, such Co-Op Books, Spartacus, or spaces like the Socialist Education Centre, and any other mobile office that suits office that suits our purposes to the fullest and saves us money.

18. John Ames motions:

a COPE decentralizes authority(ies) John Motion, Second . . . : That the Campaign Committee task an interim ‘Campaign Managerial Collective’ to administrate the day to day running of the COPE 2018 election duties – liaising with all candidates and overseeing staff – until a full time Campaign Manager is hired. This Campaign Managerial Collective will be comprised of all COPE Executive Table Officers and have quorum of two directors.

b Passcodes That all user-names and passcodes for the COPE Nation Builder programme, website(s), blog(s), Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media account(s), be entrusted to at least three long-serving COPE designates, whom of which will be selected at the July 17 2018 Campaign Committee meeting.

c Calendar In the interests of time, transparency, and organizational efficiency for volunteers, candidates and staff, COPE immediately create a digital ‘volunteer-candidate-staff accessible Campaign Calendar’ listing all dates, times, and locations (including relevant contact details: phone numbers & emails), for political and public events important to building COPE election capacity; this capacity will include such events as fundraising and petitioning opportunities, meetings of when and where to meet for neighbourhood volunteer teams and captains, and educational and public forum speaking opportunities. This task will be assigned to the Communications Coordinator and relevant staff and volunteers for completing. See J. Rosenblum-COPE July 8 2018 example at below url:

d Buttons etc COPE create new banners, flags, t-shirts, buttons, to harmonize with the style and content of literature, and buy any needed material supports, (such as tents, button machines, clipboards, logistical equipment for carrying, etc.), to ensure volunteers and staff have an appropriate presence, look, and gravitas at any public or private event or function COPE participates.

e Candidates run their own campaigns That all COPE Candidates oversee and/or be natural team-captains (whichever their pleasure) running their campaigns and liaising with staff, volunteers, general members, and Campaign Committee

f Candidates produce their own materials That all Cope Candidates be given relevant approved duplicates of campaign templates, pdfs, artist proofs, and any other elemental materials for producing their own literature, banners, t-shirts, buttons to empower their campaigns as well as supporting all COPE campaigns; further, all COPE candidates be given campaign approved petition templates, and have access (keys, locations) to tents, tables, chairs, button machines, and relevant volunteer phone numbers to organize and effectively lead any and all public engagement opportunities they wish.

g New campaign committee members

That Fiona York and Michal Rozworski be added to the COPE Campaign Committee and given full voice and vote

h COPE formally unite with Bcomu Global – Fearless Cities & World Urban Campaign – City We Need: In the interests of strengthening COPE’s international alliances, deepening and sharing our collective experiences, resources, and knowledge concerning housing rights, labour rights, and social rights, COPE moves to formally unite with both Bcomú Global – Fearless Cities — , and the World Urban Campaign – City We Need –