Present: Jean, Anne, Gary, Connie & Rider (Co-Chairs), John Irwin, Esther, Sam, Carol, John Ames (minutes), Derrick, Andrea, Ngaire, Kombi.


– Call to Order: 7:10PM

– Territory Acknowledgement: Connie

– Adoption of Agenda for Executive Meeting: Carried

– Adoption of minutes from Executive Meetings June 2, Carried; June 12, Carried; & June 19, 2018: Carried.


– Report and recommendations from Hiring Committee: job description(s), a second hiring committee struck, several considerations in applicants, next steps for process, interim positions; consensus on what to do.

  1. Communications coordinator – (one month of salary). Wendy Motion: Tristan Markel be hired for one month position as communications coordinator. Seconded Rider. Esther: To table this motion: not carried. Original motion: carried. John Motion: The job have list of outcomes and deliverables. Carried. 2 against, 1 abstention
  2. Outreach: Sara and Riaz applicants. Brand guideline (Ngaire). Wendy moves: Whereas two well qualified applicants have applied for the outreach position with complementary campaign skills, and whereas the weekend workshop with Jonathan Rosenblum will help us develop staff plans, the HR committee makes the following recommendation

So moved the budget for the outreach position be increased to $4,000 from $3,000 to allow both applicants to be hired for half time at $500.00 per week  Job descriptions to be finalized during the Rosenblum workshop. Carried, 3 abstentions.   (Applicants rejoin meeting)


– Rules for Safe Meetings: General discussion – guidelines for campaign committee – focus on inclusivity; helping each other in convivial ways if disagreements ensue; not to forget others. Issues without naming people. Check-ins on where people are at.  You speak let someone else speak; fun, no tension, atmosphere of ; keep it short, succinct, equal and respectful, problem not the personality; what we expect today – at this meeting? Imagine any voter coming to our meetings – checking ourselves.


– Agenda for Rosenblum Meetings:

On the call:

  • Sara Sagaii – used to be COPE executive, joined Team Jean; was TJ volunteer coordinator and has been bottom-lining operational stuff; organizing canvassing
  • John Ames – COPE since early 2000s. Got involved in Jean’s campaign
  • Connie Hubbs – co-chair of COPE since 2015. Supported Jean.
  • Jean Swanson – ran 3X as COPE candidate in 1970s, ran in 1988 for mayor – unity slate with COPE and NDP
  • Rider – COPE for 30 years. Recently elected as co-chair of COPE. Also active in Team Jean.
  • Tristan – joined COPE in 2005. Joined executive in 2012, after COPE got wiped out electorally in 2011. Did policy and communications for Team Jean.
  • Jonathan
  • Ann Roberts – (joined in progress)


Who will be there Saturday?

Executive / aka campaign committee and candidates

15-20 at the most


Your goals for the weekend meeting:



Clear campaign plan that everyone is committed to and excited about

Clear lines of authority understood

We are all one group

Re-branding COPE (identification, colors, design)



Organizational chart

Next step, and position of campaign manager

Understanding of various forms of voter outreach, and collaboration with other campaigns



Sequence of things that need to be supplied to all the candidates; broken down week by week – literature, buttons etc.






Code of conduct



Role of candidates in developing policy and communications; how they fit into the structure and planning

Terms of reference for campaign committee and table officers

Voter contact and roles of neighborhood teams and outreach

Budgeting and budget priorities

Maintaining organizational strength after the election


Draft agenda for July 7-8


Chair – Connie

Facilitators – Jonathan

Recorder – John Ames

Timekeeper –


Proposed goals:

  • Develop consensus on our 2018 plan, including field work, fundraising,….


Proposed agenda


Introductions (9-9:30)


Goals for planning session (draft ideas in advance and present them) (9:30-9:45)


Agenda and goals approval (9:45-9:55)


Ground rules (9:55-10:00)

    • firsts before seconds (on a particular topic, everyone gets a chance to speak for a first time before someone gets to speak a second time)
    • take phone calls outside
    • parking lot
    • respect everyone’s time
    • be on time


Exercise (pair and share) (10-10:30)

  • Your vision – post election
  • One thing that’s vital to come out of weekend figured out


Break – 10:30-10:45


  1. Analysis of 2017 campaign, current activities, and today’s political landscape (Sara, Tristan, Wendy) (10:45-12:45)
    • field, structure, policy/policy development, fundraising, data management, election results (review both Jean and Diana Day campaign results)


Lunch – 12:45-1:30


  1. What we need to do to win (1:30-5)
  • Field campaign

–   Voter contact goals – canvassing, door knocks, phone banking

      • Actions
      • Social media
      • Literature


  • Policy


  • Diversity
  • Fundraising
  • Data management
  • Decision-making, agility, getting to scale of activity and enabling creativity within the campaign
    • Campaign structure
  • Full integration – Council and mayor races
    • What are potential roadblocks and how do we address them?
  • Staff and volunteers
  • Develop campaign calendar – field, actions, fundraising, etc.


  1. Develop Sunday agenda priorities


  1. Our next steps/commitments
  • Who is bottom-lining what? (list out and ensure collective accountability)
  • Also set aside time to harmonize the platform and literature content
  • Personnel
  • Budget
  • Mayoral candidate/how that plays with Council races

Thursday conference call agenda additions:

  • Also set aside time to harmonize the platform and literature content
  • Personnel
  • Budget
  • Mayoral candidate/how that plays with Council races


Carol Motion, Seconded Anne: To accept the agenda for Jonathan Rosenblum workshop.


Carol Motion, Seconded John: We include a limited number of volunteers who can help us win the election to attend the J. Rosenblum workshop: Beverly, Ishmam, Ngaire, Maddy, Linda. Carried


Wendy Motion Seconded Esther: We move the weekend workshop to 1255 Main Street.


Next steps from tonight:

  • Tristan, Sarah send me anything from 2017 that’s useful
  • Further agenda formation – Connie, Tristan, Sarah – thursday 11:30 am call


– Finance Report: – Carol – Carol Motion: We accept the finance report as presented. Carried.


Wendy Motion: To add Andrea to the Campaign Committee. Carried.


– Fundraising Report: Tabled

  1. Report on 50th Anniversary
  2. Derrick Fundraiser
  3. Garden Party
  4. Phone banks
  5. Candidate appeals


– Outreach

  1. Petition Campaign
  2. Drive Car Free


  1. Pride Weekend Approve a budget for the parade and sunset beach festival (Need to make a strong showing). Connie Motion Rider Seconded: We ask Maddy for a proposal to create a great float! Carried.


Carol Motion, Connie Seconded: To table the rest of the meeting to next meeting. Carried


– Communications:


Campaign priorities for the next few weeks: Bill (possible J. Rosenblum workshop / planning)


  • sorting branding for website and flyers; produce a candidate focussed flyer and a policy focussed handout (suggest folded letter size) all looking good
  • Give the candidates the material they need
  • Update on petitioning, we have a target of 10,000 by Labour Day, how are we progressing, where have the ones we got come from, where are we tabling – are there gaps? What materials do we need for tabling – petition, policy handouts, candidate flyers, placards, buttons (John) (all in agreed new look)
  • follow-up on volunteers and petitions to start building our activist base
  • finance – report and plans  (Carol)
  • consider a rally in August to mobilize the wider membership of COPE and Team Jean (maybe we can put that off for a couple of weeks but need to sort in July)


– Social Media:


– Literature:


– Website integration:


– Candidate Activities:


– Team Jean COPE Fusion (forwarded last meeting): (J. Rosenblum workshop?)


Next meeting:


Ajourned: 9:25PM