The housing crisis affects all of us – young people and families
desperately in need of affordable rentals; people who work in Vancouver
but can’t afford to buy a house here; our homeless and underhoused
neighbours looking for social housing that doesn’t exist.


COPE is sponsoring a day-long discussion about SOLUTIONS to these
problems.  What can city government do?  What can neighbourhoods do? 
What can non-profits do?  What should we expect from the private
sector?  What about co-ops?  What are the new and creative SOLUTIONS to
the housing crisis?


Our panelists include:

Christine Ackermann – West End Residents Association*
Norm Dooley – Riley Park South Cambie Visioning Committee*
Lorraine Copas – SPARC*
David Eby – BC Civil Liberties Association*
Brent Granby – West End Residents Association*
Darren Kitchen – BC Co-operative Housing Association*
Am Johal – Impact on Communities Coalition*
Linus Lam – Architecture for Humanity – Vancouver*
Ian Mass – COPE
Monte Paulsen – the*
Alvin Singh – COPE
Laura Stannard – Citywide Housing Coalition*
Jean Swanson – Carnegie Community Action Project*

Sally Teich —
East Fraserlands Committee*


If you have ideas you’d like to share, if you’re interested in the
future of Vancouver, if you want to learn, if you want to talk about
SOLUTIONS, then join us – Saturday, May 8 – 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM, 411
Seniors’ Centre, 411 Dunsmuir St. For more information, email


9:30 – Welcome – Alvin Singh – COPE External Chair

– Introductory Remarks – The Housing Crisis in Vancouver – the City and
Solutions – David Chudnovsky – COPE Internal Chair

10:00 –
Panels 1-4 (All will be repeated in the afternoon.)
Affordable Rental
Solutions – Monte Paulsen, Christine Ackermann, Laura Stannard, Alvin

Affordable Home Purchase/Co-op Solutions – Ian Mass, Darren
Kitchen, representative of Terra Housing

Social Housing and
Homelessness Solutions – David Eby, Linus Lam, Lorraine Copas, Am Johal

Communities for Housing Solutions – Brent Granby, Norm Dooley, Jean
Swanson, Sally Teich

11:45 – Plenary Reconvenes

12:00 –

1:15 – Panels 1-4 repeated

3:00 – Plenary reconvenes
and conclusion

3:30 – Adjourn


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